In 2019, we completely rebuilt G's external brand to be more customer-focused. I worked on creation of the new tagline and wrote the script for this video, the campaign's primary launch piece. The full-length video performed so well on our social channels, we ended up cancelling the runs of the :15 and :30 second edits.

My role: I wrote the script for the video below and presented it to multiple internal stakeholders for approval. I was also involved in finalizing the new tagline and creating other creative for the campaign.
How do you advertise travel when everyone is locked down? When COVID first hit, we had to rethink what G Adventures would say to customers when the idea of travel was so far away. Despite being a booming industry prior to the pandemic, travel was far from perfect. Over-tourism, pollution, and a circular supply chain funnelling money back to giant corporations (away from destinations) were just a few of the problems the industry had created. We decided it was time to ask people to rethink how they travel once they could get back out there.
We started with a launch video on our social channels, and then followed it up with a series of Instagram posts that educated our followers about the reality of the travel industry and helped them understand how they could choose to travel better in the future. We then organized a series of video panels called "Retravel Live" hosted by G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip and featuring travel and tourism experts from around the world, including Jane Goodall. These panels served to reinforce the company's position as a progressive thought leader within the industry.
The budget for the whole campaign? $0. Travel company during COVID and all...
My role: Came up with the idea alongside the Creative Director and another writer. I oversaw the copywriting for the entire campaign, giving direction and writing copy myself.
After repositioning the brand in 2018, we needed to create a new set of brand guidelines for our creative teams, regional marketing offices and travel agent partners. And we had to it all completely from scratch.
My role: Collaborating with the Senior Art Director to build a comprehensive, interactive website that the G creative team could use as their brand bible and ensure all content they created had a consistent look and feel.
This video gives a quick glimpse of the site.
The first project I worked on at G, we were tasked with creating a completely new look and feel for a new Travel Style called Wellness. These trips focused on a more mindful experience centered around yoga, meditation, and healthier food. After the launch campaign, initial sales numbers of Wellness tours were far higher than projected.
My role: I wrote the tagline, landing page, and all supporting pieces of content. I collaborated with the Senior Art Director Director and Associate Creative Director on the launch video, and worked with the digital design team to create the content hierarchy for the landing page. I also established the copy tone for the Wellness Travel Style and captured it in all tour intros and itineraries.
The creative team at G was tasked with rebranding our Travel Style for travellers aged 18-39 with a unique look and brand voice distinct from our master brand. Working with the brand manager and product team, we created a new tagline, new landing page, and campaign video.
My role: I oversaw the creative development of the new tagline and landing page copy. I helped rewrite the names and and oversaw the writing of the itinerary copy for all 18-to-Thirtysomethings tours—a couple hundred or so.
Product Education Pieces
With over 700 tours, 10 Travel Styles, special collections, non-profit initiatives... G has a lot of information to share. We regularly create unique pieces to highlight specific tours or offerings to educate consumers and travel agents. Below are just a few examples.
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